Tory David Lee Markwell

Service Technician

Tory Tory David Lee Markwell

Tory David Lee Markwell was born and raised in the small town of Anderson, Indiana. He was hired in April 2018 as a Service Technician at Laser Locators where he works directly under of instruction of the V.P. of Sales and Director of Services and Logistics. Some of his duties include inspecting and cleaning equipment and parts, inspecting packages before shipment, packaging medical items, and cross-referencing shipping labels to the sales team.

In 2012, he relocated with his family to the Tampa Bay Area. Tory then began a new career in the ophthalmic equipment industry providing quality service to optometrists throughout the state of Florida. Specializing in lane preventative maintenance and new equipment installations for major chain companies in the industry, a new passion had quickly revealed itself. In his spare time, Tory loves bike riding, cooking, and traveling with his lady, Karmin. Also, he enjoys trading stocks, reading, and making trips to Jacksonville to spend time with his nephew, Tyler Aaron.