Joey Colarulo

Vice President of Sales & Managing Partner

Joey Web 2019 Joey Colarulo

Joey has been the Vice President of Sales & Managing Partner of Laser Locators since March 2015. Joey previously held the title of Director of Sales since 2011. He has an entrepreneurial background in the digital marketplace and has over 20 years of experience in global Internet sales and marketing. Since 1996, Joey has been involved in sales and has helped many companies ranging from public to private place their digital footprint on the web.

His expertise in analyzing the infrastructure of companies and translating those results into eCommerce success has enabled Joey to show companies how to be more efficient and grow exponentially.

Joey and members of his Sales & Services teams regularly attend industry conferences, which attract ophthalmologists from around the world, including ASCRS, Masters in Ophthalmology and AAO for example. To find out what conference Joey will be attending this year, please contact him via email.

Joey earned his Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Joey is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and went to school in New Jersey. Outside of work, Joey is involved in the Westchase Charitable Foundation. His hobbies and interests include NFL football, cooking, nutrition, racing, vintage BMWs, watches and collecting rare vintage sports cards.

You can view his LinkedIn profile here.