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Carl Zeiss Vision, also known as Zeiss Humphrey, is a subsidiary of the Carl Zeiss Group and specializes in ophthalmology and optometry products and services. They are known for their development of technologies used in the diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and management of some of the most common eye diseases.

Zeiss provides portfolios of ophthalmic equipment for: cataract surgery, glaucoma analysis applications, retinal imaging and analysis and corneal and refractive surgery. They also provide therapeutic lasers and surgical visualization solutions for the treatment and management of eye diseases. These solutions are structured to help eye care professionals address day-to-day challenges so they can deliver the best patient care possible.

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Zeiss offers devices for recognition and support from diagnosis to treatment of cataracts. They provide a range of pre-operative devices such as the IOL Master Version 5, as well as additional ophthalmic equipment like slit lamps and topographers. Zeiss has several surgery options from the ATLAS 9000 topographer to yag lasers such as the VISULAS Yag III.


Eye care professionals can support the diagnosis and management of glaucoma at high clinical standards with Zeiss instruments and applications. They provide several diagnostic technologies such as the Cirrus 4000 HD OCT, Humphrey perimetry units like the 740 Visual Field Analyzer and Visucam fundus photography.


Zeiss has a portfolio of retinal imaging and analysis applications to support decision making across a daily routine from retina exams to vitreoretinal interface disorders. Many of the products listed under glaucoma can also be used for retina diseases, including the Cirrus optical coherence tomography systems, the VISUCAM fundus photography systems like the VISUCAM Lite Fundus Camera, and the VISULAS therapeutic laser systems.

Cornea and Refractive

A portfolio of devices and services from Zeiss offer help creating and maintaining treatments of refractive disorders. They offer laser treatment options through femtosecond and excimer laser solutions with their MEL 80 platform as well as corneal diagnostics with the ATLAS 9000.

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