Sonomed Escalon

(Laser Locators is proud to be an authorized distributor for Sonomed Escalon.)

We are pleased to announce the integration of Sonomed, Escalon Digital Solutions, and Escalon / Trek Medical Products to form Sonomed Escalon. All previously independent subsidiaries of Escalon Medical Corp, the three companies have now come together to offer a wide and growing product range while continuing to provide the highest level of innovation, reliability, and customer support for which all three have been known.

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Axis Image Management

AXIS™ provides all your diagnostic images and reports in a single database allowing you to easily review images over multiple exams across multiple imaging modalities. Superior reliability and system speed means your images are always available for review whenever and wherever you need them. AXIS™ is image management done right.

Ophthalmic Ultrasound

Sonomed Escalon has been the leader in ophthalmic ultrasound for over 30 years developing the systems and standards against which all others are measured. Tens of thousands of users in all corners of the world ensure that wherever you practice, you can be confident that well-respected local colleagues can share their extensive experience using Sonomed Escalon systems.

OphthaVision Digital Imaging

Sonomed Escalon OphthaVision™ Digital Imaging systems offer the very best in color fundus, fluorescein angiography, autofluorescence and ICG, and slit lamp digital photography. Outstanding image quality, efficient and easy to use interface, rock-solid reliability, and responsive and expert customer service mean you get digital imaging without compromise.

Surgical Solutions

SF6 and C3F8 intraocular gases and accessories, fiber optic light guides and sources, and other surgical vitreoretinal instruments. Outstanding quality and excellent customer service have been our hallmarks for nearly 30 years, previously as Escalon / Trek Medical, and now as Sonomed Escalon.

Refurbished Sonomed Escalon Equipment Currently Available for Purchase