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SciCan Ltd. is a major manufacturer and distributor of products in the healthcare industry, where the SciCan name has become well known for its proven innovation, high quality and dependability. SciCan provides total support and technical service for all products sold. In fact, SciCan’s R&D and Technical Service departments form one of the largest of any Canadian manufacturer in its marketplace. SciCan’s subsidiary operations are located in the United States in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Zug, Switzerland, and most recently in Gersthofen, Germany.

Through a sustained legacy of growth and expansion, SciCan has become a market leader in infection control in over 100 countries. Our technology washes, disinfects, cleans and sterilizes instruments and surfaces in operating rooms, clinics and central processing departments around the world.

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Identifying the need for an ultra fast, compact sterilizer for reusable dental and medical instruments in the early 90s, SciCan developed one of the great infection control innovations of the 20th century: STATIM.

Designed to sterilize in a fraction of the time compared to traditional autoclaves (6 minutes vs. 60 minutes), STATIM reduced the quantity of expensive instruments needed as STATIM enabled practitioners to sterilize on demand. STATIM remains one of the quintessential innovation in Sterilization to day.

In addition to STATIM, SciCan also has the BRAVO complimenting its autoclave family.

We also offer instrument washers, cleaner and disinfectants and water treatment solutions.

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    • Category: Sterilizers
    • Manufacturer: SciCan
    • Model: Statim 2000 Autoclave
    • Condition: New
    • Accessories Included: Yes
    Description: The world’s favorite handpiece autoclave and our BEST seller! Like the STATIM 900, the STATIM 2000 boasts a 6-minute cycle, but has the added advantage of employing a fully removable chamber so you can aseptically transport a set of freshly sterilized instruments directly to the procedure area.