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Nidek was founded in Japan in 1971, growing into a global leader for designing, manufacturing and distributing ophthalmic equipment around the world. They focus on the sale of ophthalmic lasers, refractive lasers and advanced diagnostic devices. Nidek maintains a portfolio of ophthalmic equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, glaucoma and other vision-impairing afflictions. Their products are designed with the goal of high quality and value. They continue to research and develop new technologies like optoelectronics and artificial vision.

Ophthalmic Lasers

With a variety of ophthalmic lasers, Nidek has designed and developed with accuracy and improved patient outcomes in mind. Their systems provide innovative technology, features not found elsewhere and upgrade paths so eye care professionals can have the latest models while staying up to do with ophthalmic technology. Nidek has several ophthalmic lasers for sale: green lasers, yag lasers like the YC-1600 Yag Laser, and combination lasers such as the YC-1600 Yag with GYC-2000 532 Green Photocoagular Combination Laser.

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Refractive Systems

Nidek provides several pieces of ophthalmic equipment for corneal-refractive eye concerns. This includes excimer lasers such as the EC-5000 CXII Excimer Laser System. This laser is designed to be user friendly and is the only excimer laser system that does not include a per-procedure fee, allowing it to maintain the Nidek vison of better quality for a better value. They also offer equipment such as the OPD-Scan II ARK 10000, a unit that combines wavefront, topography and refraction all in one for accurate and reliable data.

Diagnostic Cameras

Offering equipment meant to match eye care professionals’ needs, Nidek carries a range of diagnostic devices including fundus cameras, confocal microscopes, microperimeters and corneal topographers. For high resolution, digital images Nidek has several fundus cameras such as the NM-100 D Handheld Digital Fundus Camera and the 200 Handycam Digital Non-Mydratic Fundus Camera.

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