• Laserex

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    13 small Mocular
    • Category: YAG Lasers
    • Manufacturer: Ellex
    • Model: Laserex LQP3106
    Description: LaserEx (now Ellex) LQP3106 (now Super Q) yag laser system, excellent refurbished condition. This laser is operating at 10mJ and our engineer just performed a fresh PM, alignment, optics cleaning and service. The power output is exactly to spec and the laser is firing beautifully. It was also recently serviced by Ellex. Laser is fully calibrated to manufacturers specifications.
  • Mocular

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    • Category: Beam Splitter
    • Manufacturer: Mocular
    • Model: Zeiss 120
    Description: Zeiss 120 Beam Splitter is customized for digital of Zeiss 120 Slit Lamp with a Camera Adapter to take pictures, and connected with CCD. It can also be an Adapter to video. The camera can be either be the Canon EOS or Nikon DSLR.
    Zeiss 120 Beam Splitter with Camera Adapter (or Adapter to Video)