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Lumenis Vision began in 1970 with the introduction of the first laser photocoagulator to ophthalmology. Since then, Lumenis has focused on their mission of preserving and improving the sight of patients around the world. They have long advanced the field of ophthalmology with many firsts in ophthalmic equipment.

Lumenis pioneered the first argon laser photocoagulator, was the first approved marketer of Yag photodisruptor lasers, developed and launched multicolor photocoagulation with the world’s first Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO), as well as developed and launched SLT.

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The deterioration of vision across the world is evident with more than 50 million people at risk of open angle glaucoma. Many practices now regularly handle glaucoma patients and Lumenis offers several ophthalmic laser systems to help lower intraocular pressure (IOP) and control this degenerative disease.

The Lumenis glaucoma laser systems use Selective Laser Trabesculoplasty (SLT), which has the benefits of Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) without the potential coagulative damage that could lead to scarring. Ophthalmic laser systems for use with glaucoma include the Selecta Duet and Selecta II Laser System.


Retinal diseases are varied in type but laser treatments often work well on the retina. This allows for a wide array of options when selecting a laser for your practice. The Lumenis family of ophthalmic lasers provide versatile treatment options and optimize the therapeutic effect for patients. Lumenis offers several ophthalmic lasers for sophisticated retinal surgeries such as the Selecta Trio Yag/SLT/532 Tri Laser System and the Varia Tri Laser System (Red/Yellow/Green).

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Our product line includes:

  • Selecta Trio—The Lumenis Selecta® Trio™ represents the next generation of multi-modality products, offering retinal, cataract and advanced glaucoma therapies in a single platform.
  • Novus Spectra—Portable, Dual Fiber Port (optional) , High-Power 532nm Diode-Pumped Solid-State Photocoagulator. Diode side-pumping technology drives 2.5 W of power from the compact Novus Spectra system, and active resonator temperature control ensures stable beam output and system reliability from your first treatment pulse of the day to your last.
  • Novus Varia—Dual-port, Multi-color diode-pumped solid state photocoagulator for the Retinal Specialist. 2.5 watt, 532nm. Portable and rugged solid-state photocoagulator for the general ophthalmologist, hospital outpatient clinic, and operating room.
  • InSight—Representing the latest in retina visualization and laser delivery technology. It successfully addresses some of the well-known challenges in ophthalmic laser delivery devices, namely clear visualization of the retina (including the periphery) and precise laser delivery to the target tissue. Whether you are performing PRP in the periphery or a macular grid in the perifoveal area, your InSight delivers performance you can rely on, time and time again.

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