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LightMed was founded in 1991 to design and manufacture ophthalmic lasers for the treatment of eye diseases. They have built their business on the foundation of design, engineering and manufacturing of ophthalmic lasers available around the world. LightMed strives to provide high levels of ophthalmic lasers and clinical expertise for improved equipment design and development to support ophthalmologists worldwide.

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This company’s goal has been to bridge the light of lasers with the medical nature of science. Following this idea, LightMed’s mission is to become a leading supplier of ophthalmic equipment with a focus on lasers at the best value with the best technology. That goal has been infused into the development, manufacturing and distribution of their ophthalmic equipment. LightMed offers a line of different products but are best known for their YAG laser such as the LIGHTLas YAG and combination lasers like the LightLas Deux SLT/Yag Laser System. LightMed is known for a upgradable YAG laser to YAG combination systems (such as YAG/SLT and YAG/photocoagulators and YAG/SLT/photogulator).To learn more about LightMed and the ophthalmic equipment they offer, visit their company page.

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