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Ellex has been pioneering medical technologies to help eye care professionals in their diagnosis and treatment of patients since 1985. They manufacture and distribute a range of ophthalmic lasers and imaging technologies. Ellex strives to be known for their excellence in technology, quality and customer care. They use the highest quality standards throughout product development and manufacturing, while aiming to provide unmatched clinical expertise to eye care professionals around the world.

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Ellex manufactures and sells its own lines of photodisruptors, photocoagulators, SLT system and ultrasound systems for diagnosing and treating several conditions including those related to cataract, retina and glaucoma.

Photodistruption – Ophthalmologists perform a surgical procedure called laser capsulotomy to treat secondary cataracts and Ellex photodisruptors are used more often for performing this treatment than laser brands. Ellex is the world’s largest Nd: Yag photodisurptor manufacturer, supplying to over half the global market Ultra Q and Super Q yag laser systems.

Photocoagulation – Ellex green and multi-color photocoagulators are unparalleled for treating AMD and diabetic retinal diseases. Ophthalmologists and retinal specialists turn to Ellex photocoagulators for cauterization and removal of the unwanted leaky blood vessels that disturb retinal function. They also repair retinal tears and detachments with equipment such as the Integre 532 Green Retinal Slit Lamp Laser and Acclaim 532 Green Laser System with Marco Slit Lamp.

SLT Photoregeneration – Ellex is a global leader in lasers for treating glaucoma, with more than 1,000 glaucoma experts outside of the U.S. choosing SLT lasers from Ellex. The Tango and Solo SLT lasers deliver short pulses of low-energy light that trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The process reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) associated with glaucoma and can help preserve optic nerve function.

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