Zeiss Visante OCT

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Key Features

  • Provides excellent high-resolution images of the anterior segment of the eye
  • Uses low-coherence interferometry to produce cross-sectional tomographs of the cornea and anterior chamber
  • A non-contact instrument that captures its images quickly and with little technician effort
  • Extremely useful in determining residual stromal bed for the purposes of LASIK enhancement and monitoring cases of endothelial keratoplasty

Technical Specifications

  • Illumination laser source long wavelength 1,310 nm superluminescent LED Scan types
  • Anterior segment — Single, dual and quad line scans (16 mm x 6 mm) Adjustable in 1-degree increments 256 A scans per line sampling 0.125 second per line acquisition time
  • Pachymetry map — Adjustable 8-line scan pattern (10 mm x 3 mm) Regional map with maximum, minimum and average values 128 A scans per line sampling 0.5 second total acquisition time
  • High-resolution corneal scans Adjustable in 1-degree increments (10 mm x 3 mm) 512 A scans per line sampling 0.25 seconds per line acquisition time
  • Optical resolution Axial: 18 μm Transverse (center): 60 μm
  • Ametropia correction: -35 to +20 diopters
  • Fixation target: Internal or external
  • Display: Integrated 15-inch flat-panel display
  • Computer specs: Windows XP / 3.0 GHz Pentium IV / 1 GB memory


  • 48.5 cm H x 43.8 cm W x 63.2 cm D; 34.5 kg
  • (19.1 inch H x 17.2 inch W x 24.9 inch D) 76.1 lb