Nidek ConfoScan 4

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The NIDEK ConfoScan4 is the only instrument that combines confocal microscopy, endothelial microscopy and accurate pachymetry in one compact unit. 3 Units in one!

  • High Precision
  • Full Cornea Scan
  • Opacity Error Free
  • Extra Large Measurement Areas

Confocal Microscope with 40X Probe

  • Gel immersion exam
  • Fully automatic alignment
  • Imaging through corneal haze and opacities
  • examination time below 15 sec.
  • Full cornea, endothelium or epithelium scan
  • Real-time in-vivo histology
  • Multiple internal fixation mires

Non-Contact Endothelial Microscope with 20X probe

  • Fully non-contact (12 mm working distance in air)
  • High quality imaging through corneal haze and opacities
  • Wider measurement area (up to 1000 cells/exam)
  • Fully automatic cell count and endothelial density measurement
  • Increases reimbursable exams

Confocal Pachymeter with Z-Ring

  • Innovative pachymetry technique
  • Pachymetry through corneal haze and opacities
  • High precision confocal pachymetry
  • +/- 5 microns instrumental accuracy
  • Z-Ring increases image stability
  • Precise location of corneal layers and structures