NeurOptics NPi 100 Automated Handheld Pupillometer

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The NeurOptics NPi-100 Pupillometer is a hand-held, cordless, and simple to use device which removes subjectivity in the measurement of pupil size and the pupillary light reflex (PLR). Now even the smallest changes in pupillary function, which are not discernable to the naked eye, are detectable by clinicians and can be measured and quantified.

The NPi-100 Pupillometer:

  • Accurately measures pupillary size, latency, constriction velocity, and dilation velocity
  • The Neurological Pupil index (NPi) algorithm grades the pupillary light reaction on a scale between 0 and 5, providing a number for clinicians to track and trend.
  • Requires no calibration by the user and is extremely easy to use
  • Takes over 30 pictures per second of the pupil’s response to light stimulus
  • Displays the reading in both numerical and graphic form
  • Stores up to 3,000 readings on device
  • Prints via infrared to portable printer for hard-copy documentation