LightMed LightLas SLT Deux SLT/YAG Combination Laser

  • Category: Combo Lasers
  • Manufacturer: LightMed
  • Model: SLT Deux SLT/YAG Combination Laser
  • Condition: Used
  • Accessories Included: Yes

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LightMed LightLas SLT Deux is a multimodal ophthalmic laser, providing selective laser Trabeculopasty (SLT) and YAG photodisruption functions in the proprietary integrated design from LightMed. The SLT Deux is capable of offering superb functions and unparalleled Glaucoma, Cataract and Retinal Modalities from a single platform laser.

  • Ergonomic, efficient and intelligent design
  • Single dual and tri laser workstation
  • Superior quality optics slit lamp, enhanced viewing and diagnostics
  • Highly sophisticated and durable laser technology