Coherent Lumenis Opal PDT Photodynamic Therapy Laser w Haag Slit Lamp Adapter

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This rare Coherent PDT Laser is in great condition and has been recently serviced, calibrated and inspected by our in-house trained technicians.

This Coherent Opal comes with a Haag Streit Style slit lamp attachment, foot pedal, operators manual and carrying case.

The Opal Photoactivator offers:

  • Touch-screen user interface for safe, error-free operation— even in the dark
  • Automatic contact lens list adjusts laser energy for the magnification of the contact lens chosen. Look-up tables and manual entry errors are eliminated.
  • Adjustable beam makes it easy to see through the slit lamp to the treatment spot over the lesion zone.
  • Direct spot size entry permits adjustment while observing the beam on the retina through the slit lamp.


When you work at different treatment sites, you need a laser that is easy to transport, install and link to a variety of slit lamps — without the need for a service engineer or recalibration. Only the Opal Photoactivator provides a user-installable clip-on, clip-off link to a variety of slit lamps. You can easily transfer the laser from one site to another without requiring a service engineer or recalibration. Just put the Opal Photoactivator in its carrying case, take it where you want to go, and set it up yourself.


  • Laser System Diode: continuous wave solid state laser
  • Wavelength: 689 ± 3nm
  • Power to the Cornea: 5 – 300 milliwatts delivered to slit lamp focal plane
  • Retinal Spot Size: Up to 6400 microns
  • Weight: 7 lbs. (3.2 kg)
  • Dimensions: 7” W x 12 “ L x 5” H (18cm W x 30cm L x 13cm H)
  • Cooling: Air cooled
  • Aiming Beam: Red diode, 635nm
  • Electrical Requirements 100 – 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 110 W