Coherent 7901 Yag Laser System

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Fully refurbished, calibrated, aligned and ready to go including a new laser head!

We ship anywhere in the world.Coherent 7901 YAG Laser Specifications:
Laser: Q-switched Nd:Yag, 1064 nanometers
Mode: Fundamental
Burst Mode: 1,2, or 3 pulses per burst
Pulse Duration: 3 nanoseconds
Energy Values: Continuously variable to 10.0 millijoules
Repetition Rate: 1 pulse per second
Spot Size: < 5 microns
Cone Angle: 16°
Aiming Beam: Dual HeNe; variable intensity
Magnification: 12.5X, 30X
Laser Delivery: Coaxial with viewing optics
Cooling System: Air convection
Power Requirements: 115V or 220V, 5.0/2.5 amps-50-60 Hz
Weight: 210 lbs