Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix XP

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Standard Lasik

  • Precise, Predictable, and Practical

ZYOPTIX® XP is a comprehensive microkeratome system that allows surgeons to perform both stromal and epithelial flaps.

  • Xtra precise – for dependable and repeatable flap thickness
  • Xtra predictable – with microkeratome head labeling that delivers anticipated flap thickness
  • Xtra practical – with precision-engineered, interchangeable components that are easy to use and assemble

Excellent average standard aberration in flap thickness

In standardized porcine eye studies, comparing the ZYOPTIX® XP Microkeratome with competing microkeratomes, the ZYOPTIX XP fashioned an average standard deviation of less than five microns.

  • Head labels reflect true, nominal flap thickness
  • Improved safety profile
  • Easy to use and service
  • Clinical versatility

This unit is fully restored and working to the manufacturer’s specifications, Excellus Power Supply INCLUDED!

Complete Set Includes

  • 120 micron head
  • 140 micron head
  • 20×9.5 Ring
  • 20×8.5 Ring
  • 19×9.5 Ring
  • 19×8.5 Ring
  • Blade insertion Tool
  • Black and blue suction balls
  • Cleaning brush
  • Sterilization trays
  • Motor
  • Manual