Quantel Iridis 810nm Red Laser

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The infrared wavelength featured on the Quantel Iridis enables a wide choice of ophthalmic procedures due to its depth of penetration and its low absorption in hemoglobin.

The Quantel Iridis laser stands out by its ergonomics and its ease of use in out-patient situations and in the operating theater. The Quantel Iridis dedicated software provides separate management of the different terminals for better control over treatment settings.

Quantel Iridis Laser Features

  • 810 nm, complementary wavelength
  • Simple use – intuitive software
  • Full range of accessories
  • Transportable (5 kg) – carry case

Properties of the 810 nm wavelength

  • No absorption in hemoglobin
  • No absorption in xanthophyll
  • Low absorption in melanin

810 nm, additional wavelength

This wavelength offers alternative treatment options for pathologies not amenable to treatment by 532 nm photocoagulator lasers:

  • Tumors
  • Damaged ciliary bodies
  • Retinal detachments

810 nm used in:

  • Posterior pole: ideal wavelength for photocoagulation in cases of hemorrhage or when a deeper penetration is required
  • Anterior chamber: cyclophotocoagulation

Our engineer has verified the laser’s operation and performed a PM.