Moria One Use-Plus

  • Category: Microkeratomes
  • Manufacturer: Moria
  • Model: One Use-Plus System w Epi-K
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Accessories Included: Yes

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One Use-Plus SBK offers certainty, accuracy, and the reproductive equivalent to the femto SBK, with faster recovery and at a fraction of the cost. This system is complete with the EVO 3 Console, One Use-Plus SBK Hand-piece, and the Epi-K Hand-piece.

The One Use Plus System

  • Pre-assembled, linear, automated microkeratome
  • Nasal hinge
  • Intraoperative visibility
  • Numerous head sizes available for customized flap thicknesses from 100 μm(1) to 130 μm(2) on average
  • Many Single Use suction rings to accommodate for all keratometries


The unique design and intelligent features of Moria Epi-K™have made it the leader in the US epikeratome market(1).

  • Epi-LASIK is a refractive technique performed with an epikeratome which mechanically cleaves the epithelium from the Bowman’s membrane, leaving a pristine optical zone for laser ablation. The epithelial flap can then either be repositioned or discarded, according to the surgeon’s preference.
  • Many surgeons have made Epi-LASIK their practice of choice for surface ablation. With the Epi-K™ and the latest refinements in technique and postoperative care, Epi-LASIK produces quicker healing and visual recovery than all other surface ablation procedures. This is the optimal design for safe and reliable separation time after time.
  • Hand-piece with two independent motors for fast separator oscillation and safe advancement rate.
  • Metal separator with proprietary edge geometry specifically for cleaving rather than cutting.
  • Disposable plastic head encases each separator for added protection and accessibility.
  • Unique large applanation plate provides yet an additional margin of safety.
  • Several suction rings with modifiable stops to modify the epithelial flap diameter.
  • Large diameter suction ring for hyperopes, flat corneas, wavefront guided ablations, and lasers requiring large ablation zones.
  • Single Use suction ring option.