YAG Lasers

Laser Locators has new and used YAG lasers available for practices offering procedures involving post-cataract, glaucoma or retinopathy. Each model offers varying nanometers, pulse duration and magnification. We carry several YAG lasers including the Nidek YC-1200, 1300, 1400, 1600 and 1800 as well as Ellex product including the Super Q, Ultra Q, LQP4106 and more. We also stock the Coherent Aura, Zeiss Visulas III, and the Lightmed Lightlas SYL9000. Our lasers are refurbished and rebuilt at our location and include a full warranty.

  • YAG Lasers

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    • Category: YAG Lasers
    • Manufacturer: Ellex
    • Model: Ultra Q
    Description: The Ultra Q is an Nd:YAG Photodisruptor used for performing capsulotomy and Primary Iridotomy. Ultra Q offers a variety of supporting accessories.