Visual Fields/Perimeters

Laser Locators offers refurbished visual fields and perimeters that offer quick, comfortable and precise tests to help doctors with checking visual acuity and glaucoma detection. We have a variety of visuals fields for sale including the Zeiss Humphrey 730 HFA II, 740 HFA II, 745 HFA II and 750 HFA II.

  • Visual Fields/Perimeters

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    • Category: Visual Fields/Perimeters
    • Manufacturer: Zeiss/Humphrey
    • Model: 730 HFA II
    • Condition: Refurbished
    • Accessories Included: Yes
    Description: The 730 is a great inexpensive alterternative from the other models, as it still includes most of the tests found in the 740, 745 and 750 models. This system is complete and includes the power table, integrated printer, peripherals and a warranty.