Pachymeters, Ultrasounds, Pupilometers and A/B Scans

Laser Locators offers individual and combination systems for pachymeters, ultrasounds and A/B scans. Practices that measure cornea thickness before LASIK procedures, provide Keratoconus screening or check for glaucoma development can find what they need here at Laser Locators. We carry models including the Sonomed Escalon AB5500+, Sonomed 300A, Sonomed 300A, Sonomed 300AP, Sonomed Vu-Max II, Sonomed Master Vu, Accutome AccuSonic and much more.

  • Pachymeters, Ultrasounds and A/B Scans

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    • Category: Pachymeters, Ultrasounds, Pupillometers and A/B Scans
    • Manufacturer: Sonomed Escalon
    • Model: E-Z Scan AB5500+
    • Condition: New
    • Accessories Included: Yes
    Description: The E-Z Scan AB5500+ offers a portable, digital, combination A-scan and B-scan, with easy-to-use touch screen operation, high resolution, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and trusted Sonomed Escalon reliability.