Lumenis Novus Spectra 532 Green Laser

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**Coming Soon** Versatile….Portable….Powerful…

The Lumenis Novus Spectra is an innovative photocoagulator with an extensive set of features

that deliver power and reliability with proprietary advancements in diode-pumped solid-state


Next-generation DPSS technology drives 2.5 W of power from the compact Novus Spectra system

and an active resonator temperature control ensures stable beam output and system reliability.

Spectra was designed to provide optimal results in the operating room and outpatient clinic.

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    F975D181 CD84 8352 CA3CE344E73135EE thum 150x1501 Lumenis Novus Spectra 532 Green Laser
    • Category: 532 Green Diode/Argon Lasers/Photocoagulators
    • Manufacturer: LightMed
    • Model: Lightlas 532
    • Condition: Used
    • Accessories Included: Yes
    Description: The Lightlas Laser is designed with special features for ease of use in the office, mobile use and in the operating room. The Lightlas Laser is compact, safe, easy to use and is very adaptable to a variety of slit lamps and set ups.
    Lightmed Lightlas 532 Green Laser System