532 Green Diode/Argon Lasers/Photocoagulators

Laser Locators offers new and used green lasers. They come in several wavelengths including the most common, 532nm green. A green laser comes in a variety of delivery combinations including slit lamp integration, slit lamp attachment, LIO delivery and more. Some of the refurbished photocoagulators we carry include the Zeiss Visulas 532 systems, LightMed Lightlas 532, Lumenis Novus Spectra 532 and the Ellex Laserex Integre 532.

  • 532 Green Diode/Argon Lasers/Photocoagulators

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    • Category: 532 Green Diode/Argon Lasers/Photocoagulators
    • Manufacturer: Zeiss/Humphrey
    • Model: Visulas 532S with LIO
    Description: VISULAS 532s is your guarantee of big performance in a small package. The system is solid state and is so compact and ready for action during mobile use.